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The Official IFR500A Maintenance Manual, Revision 4, Published Feb. 1989. This was supplied with unit serial number 5997 and should cover all models from beginning to end of production. File Size=31.7mb
Another Official IFR500A Maintenance Manual, Revison 3, Pulblished Sept. 1987 File size=11.1mb
CT Systems (aka Wavetek) 3000b Service Monitor Operation and Maintenance Manual. File Size=25.7mb
HP 8920A/B RF Communications Test Set & HP 8921A Cell Site Test Set Assembly Level Repair Manual. September 1996. File Size=18.2mb Note: As of 9-2011 these manuals were still available on the Agilent web site. They are presented here for your convenience.
HP8920 Component Level Information Packet. High resolution schematics to go with the manual above. Revised to 3-2006. File Size=21mb